Top Podcasts on Sustainability – Learn and Be Inspired by Eco-Warriors


Sustainability can be a difficult subject to understand, so it’s beneficial to find ways to approach its study more easily. This podcast does just that, with bite-sized lessons on heavy subjects like nuclear power.

This podcast, featuring stories of changemakers such as Jane Goodall, offers hope and inspiration. Additionally, each episode offers tangible ways of adopting green habits into everyday life.

Sustainability Defined

Beginning your sustainability journey can be intimidating, which is why Zero Waste Countdown was developed—to showcase some of the brightest businesses and organizations within the environmental community, such as LA Food Forward (an organization that addresses food waste) or Ferm Fatale (a shrub kombucha mocktail company offering eco-friendly packaging). Furthermore, Zero Waste Countdown features organizations fighting monopoly power as an obstacle to more sustainable living; one episode featured the founders of an alliance between farmers and consumers to oppose large composting companies.

Listen here, with new episodes releasing twice every week.

Green Dreamer is a community-supported podcast that presents sustainability not as just an endeavor or policy issue but as something encompassing all parts of society. The show interviews thought leaders from collective healing to biocultural revitalization and equitable wealth generation; though some may find its academic rhetoric hard to access, each interviewee offers their ideas that should be considered carefully.


Producer and host Crystal DiMiceli profiles people doing amazing things to make our planet healthier and more humane, from big-name scientists to an 11-year-old with his own recycling company. She celebrates their successes while sharing lessons they have learned along the way, making this podcast an uplifting alternative to others that may feel too heavy or depressing.

For more serious listeners, Green Dreamer explores environmental justice from a bottom-up perspective, exploring how marginalized communities contribute to our global ecological crisis and providing insight and inspiration for social and environmental change. The episodes are thought-provoking yet lighthearted enough for both casual and serious listeners.

No matter where you work—from home, in a hybrid office, or on the go—podcasts provide an excellent way to stay informed about sustainability. The Edie podcast includes expert interviews on topics ranging from corporate sustainability strategies and investing to sustainable investing, making for an interesting listen. Though sometimes lengthy, it is well worth giving it a listen if you’re curious about the ESG industry.

For What It’s Earth

Sustainable living podcasts abound, teaching listeners about eco-friendly habits and solutions. But which should you subscribe to? The top podcasts on sustainability will provide invaluable information while inspiring positive change in our environment.

An eco-warrior created the podcast For What It’s Earth specifically to meet the needs of other eco-warriors. Focusing on living without plastic, episodes range from how-to’s to interviews with inspiring environmentalists and activists.

The Union of Concerned Scientists hosts Got Science?, an excellent way to gain information on a range of environmental topics. In-depth interviews with scientists explore their role in shaping public policy as they talk about climate change and reforestation—just some examples!

Green Dreamer is an invaluable resource for those seeking to understand how to become more sustainable. The community-supported and interdependent podcast offers deep dives into biocultural revitalization, regenerative agriculture, and green energy topics, as well as ways to shop ethically while making small changes that make a big difference. Episodes also highlight Indigenous sciences while showing us how we can make greater use of natural resources.


Sustainable(ish) is an entertaining weekly dose of green living for eco-warriors looking to make small changes, with topics including food and gardening, travel and transport, waste/plastic/fashion, and self-care all covered on one pod cast by Jen Gale.

Clover is a 24-year-old climate activist and founder of Force of Nature, a youth non-profit that mobilizes mindsets for action on climate change. She has collaborated with some of the world’s foremost experts on sustainability and provided boardroom consulting for some of the largest corporations; additionally, she’s written a TED Talk discussing ways millennials can address the climate crisis effectively.

Mikaela Loach and Jo Becker are an energetic duo who use podcasts as an outlet to explore climate issues without becoming overwhelming for themselves or their listeners. From interviews with Margaret Atwood to US Senator Cory Booker, their podcasts deliver insightful yet motivational content.

Green Dreamer

Kamea Chayne is a Taiwanese American eco-creative and hosts the Green Dreamer podcast, which explores ecological regeneration and intersectional sustainability. This inspiring show includes interviews with environmental justice activists from all around the globe.

Since she was young, she has long championed environmental and wildlife causes, and now she works to make sustainability part of every business around the world. Asad focuses her work on driving effective societal change and promoting inclusivity in climate change discussions.

Delia Bense-Kang can often be found analyzing fish migration patterns at Shedd Aquarium or surfing 20-foot waves, leading efforts to designate marine sanctuaries or opposing offshore oil drilling attempts. She founded Surfrider, an activist organization with the goal of global ocean conservation and preservation through community action, with the goal of helping people understand why protecting and enjoying the ocean, beaches, and coastal ecosystems she so treasures are so essential.

Breaking green ceilings

The podcast Breaking Green Ceilings aims to elevate the voices of environmentalists from historically marginalized communities. Interview guests share their journey toward ecological regeneration and intersectional sustainability; episodes take an intersectional approach by exploring how their social identities (such as race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, etc.) interact with oppressive systems of power that impact their work activism and community engagement.

This podcast provides relief from alarmist climate news found online and offers hope through interviews with eco-warriors tackling sustainable initiatives in innovative and inspiring ways. Interviewees include LA Food Forward (an organization dedicated to food waste reduction); Ferm Fatale, an organic shrub kombucha mocktail company offering sustainable packaging; and Aura 7 Activewear, an organic clothing line composed of garments created using plastic from ghost fishing nets or ocean trash.

This podcast is an excellent companion for your daily commute to work, gardening, jogging, or unwinding in bed. Each episode includes up-to-date reports on our environment from knowledgeable guests, as well as insight into sustainable business opportunities.

The Impact Report

As we all know, learning about sustainability can be daunting. Podcasts make it simple and accessible to stay informed on current trends and research. Plus, they’re an effective way to pass time during commutes or runs through parks!

Marjorie Alexander hosts A Sustainable Mind, a podcast that interviews environmental pioneers to showcase their campaigns and share wisdom for replication by others. Starting as her master’s thesis project, this easy-to-digest audio series serves as an accessible entryway into sustainability activism.

Green Dreamer is a community-supported podcast that promotes sustainability as a goal for society as a whole. Each episode features an expert in various fields to discuss various concepts related to sustainability as outlined in “The Sustainability Tree.” Tune in for discussions of zero-waste living, regenerative agriculture, and the circularular economy!

For business leaders looking to incorporate sustainability into their operations, GreenBiz 350 provides the perfect resource. This podcast addresses environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues across global business, finance, and society, with hosts Joel Makower and Heather Clancy providing insightful analysis that inspires hope.

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