Must-Read Books on Sustainable Living

Must-Read Books

If you want to reduce your environmental impact, these books will provide the guidance and motivation you need to take effective steps.

Ashlee makes living sustainably and with zero waste more attainable and enjoyable with her irreverent writing style!

Kimmerer unites traditional Indigenous knowledge with scientific understanding to demonstrate our intimate ties with nature.

The Zero Waste Home

When it comes to sustainable living books, there is an extensive selection of titles available. Your decision will depend on what information you’re searching for and how it should be presented. Some books provide day-by-day guides, while others cover multiple topics; some even feature humorous writing!

This book shares Bea Johnson’s story, widely recognized as the mother of the zero-waste movement, about how she and her family transformed their lives by eliminating waste. Topics covered include how to apply the “5 R’s” (refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, and rot) in everyday life—making sustainable living feel achievable! This book is an excellent resource for those who are just beginning to live sustainably.

There are plenty of excellent sustainability books out there, but many can be daunting for beginners. That is where The Zero Waste Home truly shines, as it provides practical information like easy swaps, DIY projects, checklists, recipes, and much more that anyone looking to lead a more sustainable lifestyle should refer back to. Don’t miss this must-have book!

The Plastic Free Guide is an invaluable resource for those just starting in the zero-waste movement. This book covers simple swaps to reduce plastic use at grocery stores or while out and about; how to join local initiatives promoting change; and advice for getting involved and advocating for positive change at an individual level.

A Robot Called B4 is an informative children’s book that teaches children about the detrimental impact of pollution on our planet and how we can work to preserve it for future generations. The book is available in both hard copy and as an audiobook, read by Angellica Bell herself! This title also encourages environmental stewardship!

The Story of More

Sustainability may seem complex and daunting at first, but small adjustments in everyday life can go a long way toward saving our planet. From buying recycled paper to using reusable cloth shopping bags, everything counts towards helping save our environment. Environmentalist Madeline Olivia penned this book to simplify sustainable living, offering guidance on decluttering, seasonal eating habits, natural beauty routines, capsule wardrobe creation, and mindful living practices.

If you’re seeking an in-depth guide, this book is your go-to resource for all things eco. From paper vs. plastic arguments to whether an electric car saves more water than its gas counterparts, its expert authors offer clear explanations and insight into why certain issues matter, as well as tips on how to work towards solving climate crises through business initiatives with a positive ethos rather than “less bad.”

Bill Gates’ book on business ethics and how to take an ethical approach when running their companies should be mandatory reading for anyone interested in business and taking an ethical approach to running companies. Packed full of practical tips and examples that illuminate his thinking on these subjects, this engaging read also explores how companies can become both more eco-friendly and more socially just. In addition, restorative capitalism, an emerging business model focused on investing in nature and community rather than profit alone, provides a fascinating look into its power and is an indispensable guidebook for entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders looking for long-term success within their companies!

The Zero-Waste Kitchen

Foodies looking to cook more sustainably will find this practical guide an indispensable resource. Following Noma’s zero-waste philosophy, this book shares strategies for smart shopping and meal planning, as well as recipes designed to maximize every edible part of vegetables—beetroot peelings can become falafel, pesto, or melt-in-your-mouth cake; revive produce nearing its shelf life through “flexi” recipes for risotto, stir-fry, smoothies, or more!

This 2021 Australian cookbook celebrates the flexibility of zero-waste kitchens by teaching readers how to embrace leftovers, utilize kitchen scraps, and grow their own veggies. Inspired by Noma’s unique approach, this book provides recipes designed to maximize vegetable waste—even stems and peels!

With this practical guide, Huw Richards aims to demonstrate that a zero-waste lifestyle is not exclusive to large restaurants. Drawing upon his experiences growing fruit and vegetables for free, Richards provides advice on how to reduce water, energy, and money waste while simultaneously aiding our planet.

Francesca, an eco-conscious fashionista, draws her style inspiration from her desire to reduce clothing purchases and accumulation. In this book, she offers tips for being an informed consumer and shows how sustainable fashionistas can achieve style without compromising style or functionality.

The Zero Waste Home for Kids

If you’re searching for an entertaining, accessible book to educate children about sustainability, this one might just be it! Written in an entertaining, humorous tone, this engaging read makes sustainability fun while making an impactful statement—an engaging read for any age and the perfect present this holiday season!

This exquisite illustrated book by an eco-conscious mom is an engaging way to introduce children to sustainability issues and the fight for eco-friendliness. Easy to read with facts on waste, pollution, and climate change, this book makes an invaluable tool for anyone who hopes their child develops a greater respect for and appreciation of our natural world.

Elizabeth Kolbert explores the Sixth Extinction—the mass ecocide caused by human activities—as she chronicles our planet’s biodiversity crisis. She investigates climate change, habitat destruction, invasive species invasion, and biodiversity loss as drivers of species population decline, while also offering ways we can save Earth’s most endangered species.

Sustainability is more than a movement; it’s an ongoing revolution, and this must-read collection of books on this subject should be essential reading material for anyone concerned with our environment. From essential guides to inspiring tales, these volumes will motivate you to embark on your own sustainable journey!

Business leaders will find this must-read guide essential, offering them a call to action against companies’ “less bad” mindset, towards one that promotes social and environmental responsibility at its core. With contributions from Seventh Generation’s founder as well as Green Swans author, this book serves not only businesses but should be required reading for all students as well.

Give a Shit

No matter if you consider yourself a minimalist, an environmentalist, or simply interested in helping to make the world better, Ashlee Piper makes living an eco-friendly lifestyle seem not only possible but actually enjoyable in this book! Her writing style makes eco-living seem achievable and even fun!

No one doubts that the gravity of our climate crisis is equally important, but absorbing scary statistics and books on sustainability can seem insurmountable. With this book by author Madeline Olivia, however, the problem becomes manageable in bite-size pieces; she provides useful tips on decluttering, reducing waste, and eating seasonally while offering advice for living more simply.

Lab Girl by bestselling author Heather Watts provides an insightful and intimate account of our relationship with nature, making this book essential reading for sustainability professionals and emphasizing reciprocal relationships as well as protecting planet Earth’s resources.

Kate Raworth’s best-selling Lab Girl addresses the critical question of how we can create a more sustainable world. By employing the doughnut model as her framework, Raworth disproves traditional economic theory by showing how humans can meet their needs while also protecting the planet.

When we truly care, the choices we make, the relationships we form, and the food we eat all change accordingly. This book, including Greta Thunberg’s viral speech that led her to global fame, serves as an inspiring and practical introduction to giving a shit—something all of us should strive to embrace!

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