Celebrating Sustainability Wins – Keep Yourself Motivated on Your Eco-Journey

Celebrating Sustainability Wins

People everywhere are turning their hearts and minds toward sustainability, with many corporations taking significant steps to reduce their carbon footprint, while taking moral stands on multiple issues.

At COP 28 the world took an initial step away from fossil fuels – an encouraging sign, yet we must continue our progress in this area.

Reward Yourself With Something Green

Rewarding yourself can be an excellent way to stay motivated on your sustainable journey. From planting seeds in your garden or buying plants as gifts for friends to yoga classes – rewarding yourself can help keep you on the right path toward meeting your sustainable goals, while encouraging others to do the same!

Making an impactful impactful statement about our commitment to sustainable living can certainly motivate people, but maintaining efforts can sometimes feel tedious or ineffectual. If this occurs for you, give yourself something green that won’t derail your efforts; perhaps purchasing a reusable coffee mug or houseplant.

Start small but use these rewards as visual reminders that you are on a sustainable journey towards creating a brighter future.

If you’re striving to eat more vegetables and less takeout food, reward yourself by stashing money away into a jar each time you eat a healthy meal. When this jar fills up, take it to your bank and spend it on some green incentive.

At times, your reward should go further! Consider treating yourself to a trip to your local park, a massage treatment or taking time off work so that you can both share it with someone special while reaping additional rewards from eco-journeying at once!

Students can be an influential force for change, often leading sustainability initiatives at UW-Madison. At an Earth Fest 2024 event hosted by Chancellor Mnookin at Madison’s campus, honoring students and student organizations for their achievements and leadership was celebrated at an event that honored these student. Professor and Sustainability Advisor Ann Terlaak noted: “Students have been leading us forward in our sustainability efforts” before attending Earth Fest 2024 along with Director of Sustainability Missy Nergard and Green Fund Manager Ian Aley who also attended this celebration event.

Reward Others

This year has been a challenging one for our planet: climate change is gathering pace, natural disasters are devastating communities around the globe and greenhouse gas emissions have reached unprecedented levels – yet there have also been significant environmental achievements this year. But in spite of all this there have been notable sustainability victories as well.

Denver International Airport (DEN) recently inaugurated an ambitious energy performance contract that will help reduce carbon emissions while saving taxpayers money in the long term. By investing in clean renewable energy solutions, this investment will allow DEN to reach its goal of accommodating 100 million annual passengers by 2032.

Unilever employees made another step towards sustainability when they proposed that Unilever reduce waste by changing its paper tea bag size, saving EUR47,500 and cutting landfill waste by 9.3 tons a year. It serves as an encouraging reminder that employees can play an integral role in corporate sustainability initiatives.

On a global level, an important milestone was reached when the World Bank became the only international financial institution to include greenhouse gas emission reduction targets as part of their Global Goals. This historic achievement marks a crucial step towards more climate action worldwide.

Students have also made an impactful contribution. One such student who stands out is Harman Singh, winner of the 2024 Student Sustainability Advisory Council Tree Award which honors students who have made significant strides towards campus sustainability. Harman has demonstrated outstanding leadership through her efforts on environmental restoration projects as chairperson of Earth and Mineral Sciences Sustainability Council Student Committee as well as involvement with Schreyer Pocket Garden and Student Farm Club activities on campus.

UW-Madison stands out among several universities by placing students at the forefront of sustainability efforts. At its first-ever Earth Fest kickoff celebration, students gathered with Missy Nergard, Green Fund manager Ian Aley, and UW’s Chancellor Jennifer Mnookin.

Businesses are beginning to recognize this trend and prioritizing sustainability more frequently. A recent McKinsey surveyExternal link:open_in_new revealed that organizations prioritizing sustainability receive substantial financial benefits ranging from reduced costs and enhanced reputation and market share.

Reward Yourself With Healthy Food

Be it from work stress, meeting fitness goals or emotional hardship, many of us turn to food as an instantaneous feel-good remedy. Unfortunately, however, relying too heavily on food as motivation could quickly turn into an unhealthy pattern that undermines health goals. Dietitian Brooke Delfino warns against overly relying on it as motivation; doing so could sabotage them entirely.

If you find yourself wanting a comfort food treat after experiencing emotional difficulty, opt for something healthier like chocolate with higher cacao percentage or apple with cinnamon sprinkled all over rather than turning to comfort foods which won’t do anything but short-term comforting. Instead seek professional assistance instead!

One way to make healthy living more fun is through non-food rewards. For instance, purchasing a new coffee mug or tea cup from an ethically run company would make life more fun! For something relaxing at home you could treat yourself to luxurious bath bombs or candles that make time more relaxing!

Turn sustainability into a game by rewarding yourself for smaller green successes. For instance, set yourself challenges like cutting back on showering or turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth to save more water or switching to natural lighting more often or turning off appliances when not needed. You could even turn sustainability into an enjoyable pastime!

While 2022 was a challenging year for the environment, we can still celebrate significant victories this Earth Month. Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard transformed business sustainability by transferring ownership to a charitable trust; this ensured 100% of Patagonia profits were invested into environmental causes. Additionally, record numbers of companies signed on to set science-based climate targets this year; these successes can provide you with inspiration as you embark on your eco journey.

Celebrate Your Success

Celebrating your successes when undertaking new green practices or revamping old ones to become sustainable will help keep you on the path towards sustainability. For instance, when making exercise part of your routine, reward yourself every 10 minutes rather than waiting until the big milestone of finishing an entire workout session to feel accomplished – this way, a sense of achievement will arise throughout the journey rather than simply at its completion.

Many sustainability achievements are helping move our world in the right direction, including:

Strengthening the Endangered Species Act: Under President Biden-Harris’ administration, key protections were reinstated that had been removed by Trump administration policies – helping wildlife populations recover from climate change and habitat loss threats. This achievement proved immensely important.

Recent research has demonstrated that plants are adapting quickly and passing these adaptations on to future generations of themselves – this represents a huge sustainability win that may help us move closer towards meeting carbon neutrality goals.

Renewable energy surpasses coal for the first time ever: This major sustainability victory signifies the world’s shift away from fossil fuels towards cleaner forms of energy generation.

Restoring Rainforests: Human activity threatens the world’s rainforests, titanic carbon sinks that house millions of species and storehouses of immense carbon reserves. We saw success this year restoring forests in Colombia and Germany through successful legal cases holding governments accountable for deforestation and emissions.

Mondelez took significant strides to tackle inequality with their Cocoa Life program and its Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) goals. They made progress toward more sustainable cocoa farming practices across the globe and actively addressed inequality with these goals.

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